Saturday, November 17, 2012

Halloween 2012 (better late than never)

I'm finally getting around to getting the pictures from Halloween posted.... Better late than never right? At least that's what I tell myself, so we're just gonna go with it. Anyhows.... the company that I work for, as I have said before, loves to eat. We will use any excuse to party and have food. Halloween was no different. We were all invited to dress up in work appropriate costumes (which let me just say is a challenge!) and bring food to snack on. We even had a 'guess how many candy corns is in the pretty jar' contest....I am so not good at those things....
Speakin of work appropriate costumes... GEEZ! I am appalled frankly at the costumes available for women today! I doesn't help that I'm fluffier than I like.. but really I'm not all that sure that I would wear some of the options available today even if I wasn't! Is there a nice way to say that most of them looked like you belonged on the street corner? Trying to find one that wasn't all 'Oh, yes I have boobs and yes, here I'll show em to ya for free' or 'Oh, you like big butts, and you can not lie? Well have a peek at mine' was disheartening... I finally had decided I would wear Momma's leather motorcycle chaps and make myself a rodeo cowgirl sign and go as a cowgirl... That was after my dear friend Veronica had tried to save the day with a cowgirl costume she already had... I guess I should have been more terrified when she told me the name was, in fact, Shot Glass Cowgirl...
So.... I get to Momma's house Halloween morning, and go to try on the chaps (that were bought as a joke by the way, so no one has ever worn them.... at least that I know of).... yeah.... Well, they fit in the waist, so I was stoked about that (that was my concern really)... but holy schmoly! I don't know how big this person's legs were, but had I been able to wear them I surely would've lost a leg by the end of the day.... and the zipper on the other leg was broken anyways... so that was another no go... Momma finally saved the day and let me wear Daddy's old Navy uniform. So I went as a sailor... I have a whole new respect for the men in uniform! It was HOT.... and not 'ooh I'm so cute, I'm hot' like temperature HOT....

The group of us that dressed up for Halloween
Bear had a Halloween parade at her school, so she got to wear her octopus costume to school. She also took Great 'Gampa' with her as her "lunch date". She was so excited... And thankfully everyone knew what she was (I was worried about that). My biology teacher had canceled class that night so we could take our kiddos and enjoy Halloween... so after work I went to Momma's and got the girls ready to go to the Trunk or Treat at church.
Glenda the Good Witch and a baby Octopus
Bug was supposed to be Glenda the Good Witch... The dress was mine when I was younger. I was a flower girl in a wedding (yes, it was in the 80s).... and then I wore it for Easter in 89 I think.... Momma kept it all this time and finally gave me it and the dress I wore on the first day of school. The girls have been DYING to play in the fluffy 80s dress forever. So when Bug's owl costume idea got tanked, Momma had the idea to just buy her a crown and make her a princess... or try and find her a different witch hat and have her be a peach witch. So I took that idea and ran with it! And since Wizard of OZ is one of my all time favortie movies, Glenda the Good Witch was born.  
I put a spell on you

I'm super octopus woman!

First stop of the night

Bear made me give her 'Octopus hair'... I had no idea what that meant... but she wanted me to put 8 little pigtails all over her head... then she found Momma's stash of glittery barrettes and put those all over her head because 'Octopus have to have jewels Mommy'.... Where she comes up with this stuff, I have no idea... We stopped over at Great Grandma and 'Gampa's' house first because they wanted to see Bug all dressed up in her costume. After that, we headed off to Trunk or Treat. Let me just mention the challenge that was getting Octobear in her car seat... I didn't think of that when I agreed she could go as an octopus... but we got it figured out with only a minor fit.

At Trunk or Treat, Bug got a little upset because everyone kept callin her a princess. I guess the rest of the world is not up to par on their Wizard of Oz knowledge... or maybe the crown threw them off.... either way, she spent most of the night correcting people (like her momma, she can't let things go either....). Bear's costume was a huge hit! One guy even commented that it was the coolest thing he'd seen all night! That made my night, honestly...

We left Trunk or Treat and headed home... cold and tired, but it was soo much fun! The girls had a blast, and I only had a couple temporary lonely/freak out moments.... So that made for a good night I think. Truly, as much as it kills me to have to raise these little ones by myself, I am SO blessed. I am so thankful that these memories are mine, and mine only, and I don't have to share them with anyone else. I am hopeful that one day when my kids look back at their lives, and at the times when it was just us three.... they will look back and smile because it was just us three.... and they will know how much that time meant to me.... I hope that they will see that everything I did, everything I do, is because of them....

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