Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bringin' the cuteness this Halloween

I will post more pictures after Halloween tomorrow, but I had to share this! Bear is infatuated with octopus lately... octopus and hedgehogs... and cats... but anyhows... As we were deciding what they would be for Halloween, Bear consistently said she wanted to be 'a purple baby octopus!'... Bug changed her mind several times (she is my daughter after all).... First she wanted to be a witch, so I bought a cutesy little orange and black witch's fascinator hat, and was going to make her a gorgeous black and orange full full tutu... but the fascinator was too big. And then I had to open my big mouth and mention that there may have been owl costumes at Old Navy... so then Bug wanted to be an owl.... well I get the prize for "Mom of the Year" because by the time I got around to going back to Old Navy they were all sold out of Bug's size. Great! Now what.... Never fear, her costume is solid, and she loves it.... but its not finished yet (yes, I know Halloween is tomorrow) and so you'll have to wait.

Bear on the other hand, as I said, consistently knew what she wanted to be. At first I thought "Octopus! What craziness is this?!" but then I thought that would be SOOOO cute! So... after I planned out how to make said octopus costume, the hunt began for 4 pairs of matching purple knee high socks.... I had everyone and their mother that I know lookin for 4 pairs of matching purple knee socks! I was beginning to think all hope was lost... Then, I stopped at Target (which I should have done first anyways) because they always have super cute socks for cheap (like $1.00 cheap) and I LOVE me some cutesy patterned socks..... anyhows.... I found 4 pairs of purple and hot pink chevron striped knee high socks! $2.00 a pair! SCORE! I may or may not have also bought myself a pair of grey socks with blue hedgehogs on them.... So now I have my 'legs'..... I needed to find a plain long sleeve shirt to match or coordinate... did I mention I wanted PLAIN? What the heck happened to just plain solid color shirts?! I swear... I was having a little bit of a freak out moment... then I finally found a solid purple shirt... it has a pocket but at that point I wasn't going to be too picky.... til I realized that the only sizes available were 2t and 5t.... geez! Are you kiddin me?! Ah, what the heck, I bought a 2t and said a prayer because Bear is still teeny... and in the mean time I thought I would still hunt for a plain colored long sleeve purple shirt..... I also snagged some hot pink leggings that were on clearance (Bear is in a leggings phase lately...) for her to wear under the costume.

Now, the original plan was to stuff 6 of the knee socks and sew them to the bottom of the shirt and have Bear wear the last pair... except... I bought WOMEN'S knee socks... not toddler knee socks... So we stuffed ALL. EIGHT. SOCKS. Great times, great times... I went to sew them on the bottom of her shirt... And then I momentarily had a panic attack because these 'legs' looked ginormous and I just knew they wouldn't all fit on this teeny little shirt I bought...
This is the conversation I had with myself:

Me: Geez.... all 8 of these things won't fit on this teeny little shirt... great now what!
Brain: Take 2 off... just sew 6 on there... it'll be fine...
Me: I can't just sew 6 legs on there! Octopus have 8 legs! Not 6!
Brain: She's 3, she won't know... no one will notice
Me: Yes they will! Because even if they don't notice, I will tell them there are only 6 legs on her costume when there shoulda been 8!
Brain: Or how bout you just pin em on and see if they fit...
Me: Oh, I didn't do that did I?

So... I pinned them, and all 8 fit on the bottom of the shirt... When I was all done and showed Bear, she got so excited! She tried it on (because then I freaked out thinking the 2t shirt would be insanely too small) and looked at me with the biggest smile ever. She said "Momma, can I spin? Can I twirl and make my legs fly?" Yes, baby you can spin, you can twirl. She twirled around and made those lil octopus legs fly! And then we took her picture...

Sorry for this fuzzy picture,  it's from my cell phone.... but she was just tooo cute! After I took her picture, she smiled at me and said "This is the best oppopus (she has a hard time saying 'octopus') costume ever! Mommy, you're awesome! You're the best!" Seriously... made it sooo worth it. Seeing this picture makes my heart bigger... I am so blessed.

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